2nd SUCRE video about "Cloud Computing in the Healthcare Sector" is now online

The Video "Benefits of Cloud Computing in the healthcare sector" explains the problems hospitals nowadays have to face concerning their IT infrastructure and the benefits Cloud Computing offers in such situations. The artistic animated video summarizes the outcomes of the SUCREproject in this field easily understandable for users even without any IT background knowledge.

Dentistry in the cloud: Molding electronic health records to research and education

Facing little competition, software vendors that control a major market share often grow comfortable dictating standards, in spite of consumer needs. Higher education, in particular, struggles with this kind of one-size-fits-all model. In a clinical setting, how can dental students effectively record patient details and case specifics when the electronic record does not meet their needs, faculty’s needs, or the needs of the clinic?

ClouT project newsletter just released! Find out the first year project results

ClouT project was officially launched on April 1st 2013, on behalf of the European Commission and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in Japan. High expectation from European and Japanese stakeholders is driving the project’s technical progress and achievements.
Find out the results achieved by the project in its first year.

The ClouT Team also launched 2 surveys to collect information from citizens and stakeholders regarding IoT + Cloud concepts:

Feel free to participate both as citizen and stakeholder: