Announcing the ARTIST project workshop within CloudScape!

The ARTIST Coordinator is pleased to inform you that a project workshop will be organised in the context of CloudScape event to be held in Brussels on 9-10th of March 2015.
The workshop will be lasting two hours. The final agenda will be published soon and will be based on the following topics:
- Introduction to ARTIST project
- Presentation of ARTIST solution
- Demonstration of a project migration by using ARTIST
- Business and opportunities around ARTIST
- Questions and answers

Public sector bodies in Egypt need framework for e-government services

Delivery of ‘e-government’ is gathering pace in Egypt. At the same time, there is a desire among public sector bodies to seize the operational benefits and reduced costs that online services can offer. Yarob Sakhnini, regional director, MEMA at Brocade says that understanding how to adopt the right processes to enable collaboration with consolidation has become a key consideration.

A view of the cloud in Asia

Let’s start 2015 with a look to the future and the Asia Pacific region. It is fast becoming a centre for cloud technology, and as a rising arena of play it has bodies falling into place to keep it in check. This is looking to be a big year for the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) which was formed in 2010. We spoke to Lim May-Ann the Executive Director of the ACCA to see what 2015, and the greater future, holds for cloud in Asia.

Cloud computing in 2015

The SUCRE project came to its end on December 31st. We would like to say goodbye to you with this interesting article. Have an inspiring read!
"It’s been a fascinating 2014 for the cloud. Some very niche technologies are hitting the mainstream, while the debate over data protection and governance clearly isn’t going away any time soon. So, we predict the cloud will rise high in 2015 -- but how (and where) it is tethered to the ground will matter more than ever:
SDN and NFV will enter the enterprise