The SUCRE project is driven by a key objective, which is the consolidation of the European Cloud Computing and Open Source communities by creating a critical mass of stakeholders who will work together on promoting the use of Open Source in Cloud Computing.

For a concise look, have a glance at the SUCRE flyer.

Where do we stand?

The existing gap in addressing interoperability problems is partially the cause for slow adoption of open-source cloud solutions by businesses and public institutions. This is all despite the quality of several open-source-based projects, their overall encouraging developments as well as their great potential. Furthermore, the lack in interoperability and standards among applications, services and devices, results in fragmentation of technologies, services and markets, and thus in reduced competitiveness and growth for the European economy.

SUCRE approach and objectives

In order to have users furnish input and voice the users’ concerns and needs, SUCRE will implement two specific use cases: Open Clouds for Public Sector applications and Open Clouds for the Health Care Provisioning Industry. These application areas do have direct and significant impact in “real life” and in general, present major challenges. Particular attention will be given to the interaction between academia and industry as well as among industry players. This is reflected in the formation of the SUCRE EU – Japan Experts Group, consisting of stakeholders from both regions as well as in our effort to bring together the researchers of tomorrow with industry experts and researchers from the areas of the Internet of Services, Clouds and Open Source.

Through the “5-step” integrated approach, SUCRE will set up an all-embracing, still focused, supporting mechanism available to all EC funded projects in the areas of Cloud Computing and Open Source, consisting of targeted workshops, operation of EU-Japan Experts Group, Young Researchers Forum, publications, videos, and a wide range of additional promotional activities.

SUCRE intends to provide support for standardization and collaboration in software and services technologies in following ways:

  • By acting as a focal point for all parties pursuing these ideas.
  • Providing a forum for fostering collaboration.
  • Exposing ideas that can lead to standardization and improved collaboration.
  • Through the organization of SUCRE targeted events as planned as well as the exploitation of resulting links.
  • Through the drafting of Recommendation reports and incorporated checklists.

The concrete SUCRE products wil include e.g. Cloud and Open Source Magazine, Recommendation reports, young researchers’ forum and workshops.