SUCRE CloudSource Magazine

Keep up with the latest developments in open source cloud computing through CloudSource Magazine.

Issued twice a year, this Magazine will showcase and widely disseminate the results of research and development activities that are currently taking place in Europe and Japan with regards cloud computing and open source. One of its major objectives is to voice the EU related funded projects’ results and spread the word about their achievements outside
Europe, as well as be a channel stories from outside of the EU.

Editorial Board of CloudSource Magazine:

  • Prof. Alex Delis, SUCRE Coordinator, National & Kapodistan University of Athens, Greece
  • Dr. Norbert Meyer, Head of the Supercomputing Department at the Poznan Supercomputing Center, Poland
  • Prof. Dr. Keith Jeffery, President of ERCIM, U.K.
  • Dr. Yuri Glikman, OCEAN project Coordinator, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany
  • Dr. Toshiyasu Ichioka, Project Manager, EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, Japan
  • Mrs. Cristy Burne, Scientific Editor and Journalist, Australia

Research on Cloud Computing in Europe and Japan
Issue 4/2014

This fourth issue features articles from the current status of Cloud Computing and ways to collaborate between Europe and Japan.

CoudSource 4/14 Magazine cover page
Table of contents
  • What’s new? Japan’s research into cloud computing for academia
  • Shaping the EU-JP landscape: Future joint research on cloud computing
  • Leveraging cloud in the internet of things
  • MARKOS: Global, integrated and searchable open-source software
  • OCEAN: fostering collaboration between Europe and Japan

Also included is the listing of news and events worth of note for the Could Computing Community.

Cloud computing applications for the healthcare industry
Issue 3/2014

This third issue features articles from EU funded projects and SMEs.

CoudSource 3/14 Magazine cover page
Table of contents
  • A cloud-based PHR-EHR integrated environment for personalization of care
  • ENSURE – Long term preservation of digital data with benefits
  • Quantitative Medical Imaging in the Cloud: Enabling VIGOR++ with 3DNet
  • more...

Cloud computing applications for the Public Sector
Issue 2/2013

This second Issue is devoted to highlight sucessful case studies of cloud and open source applications for the Public Sector.

CoudSource 2/13 Magazine cover page

Table of contents

  • Goodbye to legacy software - ARTIST changing frumpy to glamorous
  • Open cloud software applications for the public sector
  • Education in the cloud
  • Synnefo: A Complete Open Source Cloud Stack
  • more...

First edition 1/2013

First issue of SUCRE Project Magazine "CloudSource"

CoudSource 1/13 Magazine cover page

Table of contents

  • Migration to Cloud as a means to cut budget
  • Forests and the cloud: an international model of forest defoliation
  • - touch the clouds - Mobile-friendly multi-cloud management,monitoring and automation
  • Scaling Software Challenges
  • more...

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